pml    Plymouth Marine Laboratory (UK) 

The Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) is an independent, impartial provider of scientific research in the marine environment, with a focus of understanding biodiversity and ecosystem function from the uppermost reaches of estuaries to the open ocean. PML research is critical to providing solutions on the key challenges facing society in relation to global change and sustainability of marine ecosystems.
Within eFOCE, PML will assess the impacts of elevated CO2 on sediment faunal and microbial abundance, activity and diversity during each experiment, with a particular focus on impacts to nitrogen cycling. Previous studies at PML involving macrofaunal bioturbating species have indicated significant changes to nutrient fluxes across the sediment-water interface can occur at reduced seawater pH. But, the influence of pH on the interactions between bioturbators, microbial communities and nutrient fluxes are complex and can depend on sediment type, the length of exposure period and the type of macrofauna present. By studying these intricate interactions in situ, eFOCE will increase our understanding of the impacts of increased CO2 on benthic biodiversity and ecosystem functioning.

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Steve Widdicombe

(Head of Science “Marine Life Support Systems”)

Karen Tait

(Senior Scientist)